Benefit Guidelines

The below guidelines are intended for the protection of WeZazz and its Creators and therefore articulates what is permitted and or recognized as legitimate ways of incentivizing Followers.   
Since each country has its own set of rules, determining the legality of a benefit may prove to be difficult. Based therefore on this reality, we have developed guidelines with global applications. Where required we will take the necessary action to investigate instances where the legality of rewards being provided by Creators are questionable.    
Procedures for administering guidelines 
Any benefit used by a Creator to reward a Follower must follow our guidelines and conform to the laws of the respective country in which the content originates or is broadcast.  
The following benefits though not exhaustive are not permitted: 
  • Access to betting or gaming goods or services;  
  • Images of child abuse and pornographic depictions of minors; 
  • Images of human or animal abuse; 
  • Partial reimbursement for traditional and alternative medicines, or supplements: vouchers, gift cards, or some other opportunity to buy or receive the aforementioned categories; 
  • Weight loss, memory boost, energy boost, sexual enhancement, or miracle cures medications or dietary supplements; 
  • Videos, books, or other instructional materials that offer claims not proven scientifically; 
  • Including deadly weapons as a perk; 
  • Including fireworks as a bonus; 
  • Benefits that include partial payment, such as vouchers, gift cards, or some other kind of inducement to buy or possess weapons or explosives; 
  • 3D printed prototypes, producing guns, and other Do-It-Yourself (DIY) creations, as well as tutorials, manuals, or demos for crafting or altering weapons; 
  • Nicotine, cigars, vapes, e-cigarettes, rolling paper, and cigarettes are all examples of smoking substances; 
  • Providing discounts, vouchers, or other rewards for purchasing or obtaining alcohol and tobacco products; 
  • Providing alcohol brewing paraphernalia; 
  • Launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), investment schemes, cryptocurrencies, digital currencies, pyramid schemes, Ponzi schemes, multi-level marketing or any similar schemes;  
  • Nudity or any activity that will directly facilitate sex work; 
  • Subscription based on the chance to win lotteries, raffles or similar. 
This list is not exhaustive and is subject to change as required. If you are uncertain about your creative content, please contact the Compliance team here. We are always ready and willing to assist. 
This policy is part of WeZazz’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. For more information, contact WeZazz at [email protected]